Friday, October 20, 2006

Let the spending begin!

If you need materials, books, videos, and the like for student or departmental needs, remember that the library provides funds for each academic department to make selections for the library's collections. Departmental allocations are now in place, so feel free to make recommendations for the collections.

In fact, the sooner the better! The library aims to spend 50 percent of its budget by winter break and 100 percent by spring. Thus, we encourage you to select often and early for this academic year.

Keep in mind that the library spends much more than the departmental allocation on resources for student and faculty needs. The library subscribes to journals and databases and buys books, multimedia materials, and more, all of which are paid for with general library funds and, thus, are not reflected in the allocation. This special departmental allocation, however, is money set aside specifically for faculty to request materials for student and departmental needs.

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