Monday, December 17, 2007

Trick My Book Truck

At the aforementioned study break, Musselman Library hosted a Trick My Book Truck contest. No fewer than FIVE daring students (or student teams) decorated trucks for the competition. And folks, the competition was fierce.

First, behold the mellow and groovy vibe emitted by the Yellow Submarine entry:

Another group was inspired by pom poms and came up with The Magic Bookcart:
Let it not be said that we don't have holiday spirit around here! Santa will find an easy ride on this smooth book truck: Some library student employees went for broke in this piece, entitled "Gettysburg Trapped in a Snow Globe." Note that two campus landmarks are rendered in construction paper (Musselman Library and Pennsylvania Hall): And finally, the winner of the Student Choice Award! The voters have chosen the fantastically three-dimensional Griffin!

Thanks to all the students who participated in this fun contest. Same time, same place, next semester, eh?

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