Tuesday, April 29, 2008

National Library Week 2008

Musselman Library kicked off the 50th Anniversary of National Library Week on April 21st with a Notes at Noon concert called Opera Scenes Spectacular. Later in the afternoon students and staff alike were invited to celebrate the opening of the week with a giant sheet cake. The cake provided a much needed pick-me-up for students nearing the end of semester rush.

Other events throughout the week included a display of Musselman Library Staff suggested reading, viewing, and listening items. The display changed daily and offered staff members' favorite items from Musselman's collections and encouraged students to check out the items throughout the week. A graffiti wall allowed students to tell the staff about the pros and cons of Musselman Library from their eyes.

Another part of the week long celebration encouraged students to grab crayons and draw a picture of what libraries mean to them. The competition yielded seven contestants. The seven drawings were displayed for a week of voting following National Library Week. The tally resulted in a win for a picture of a free cup of coffee. Truly our midnight free coffee, hot chocolate, and tea has left a lasting impression on Gettysburg College students.

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