Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Head Lock in the Apse!

On Friday May 30, 2008 a reception was held in the Musselman Library Apse for the donation of the art piece “Head Lock.” The eight-foot tall sculpture was created by Walner Edmond and is now on permanent display in Musselman Library. The piece won first place at the Student Juried Exhibit in the spring of 2008.

Edmond dedicated “Head Lock” to the memory of his friend Brian Lovett who served Gettysburg College as a Department of Public Security officer for 24 years. Lovett spent his last year at the college as Night Shift Supervisor at Musselman Library Circulation Desk. With his friendly smile and warm personality, he used every occasion to connect with students, lend an ear, and offer sympathy or advice. Lovett died of a stroke on Christmas Day, 2006.

The sculpture is of an armless man and the large lock is said to symbolize the importance of differences. Edmond constructed “Head Lock” from tire scraps that he collected along the highway. He had learned from Brian Lovett about the abundance of tires on the highway and Edmond began collecting them News Years Day 2007.

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