Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Kayak in the Library?!

If you have spent any time on Musselman Library’s main floor this fall, you may have noticed an interesting sight: a full-sized wooden kayak in the Browsing Room!

The kayak, which was hand-made by Gettysburg College’s own John Regentin, is part of this semester’s Hidden Talents exhibit. Through posters, tools, drawings, and the kayak itself, the exhibit lays out how Regentin completed this exciting woodworking project.

Regentin, assistant dean of college life and director of experiential education, is no stranger to the outdoors. Now, after a year’s worth of hard work, he can paddle around various bodies of water in his very own vessel.

Come check out John Regentin’s kayak exhibit in Musselman Library’s Browsing Room today!

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