Monday, December 15, 2008

Recycle at Musselman Library

By now, you've probably noticed the shiny new recycling bins here at Musselman Library. You'll see the same set of three bins at nine locations around the building. Please sort your trash and recycling properly, so we can improve the overall recycling rate in our library. If recycling bins are contaminated with trash, the whole bag goes into the trash truck. There is no human sorting of our waste after you toss it into a bin!

Cans and bottles - we recycle #1 and #2 plastic (NOT the other numbers!), glass, and aluminum. Lids are okay. Please empty all containers.

Paper - we recycle office paper, newspaper, and glossy inserts. Colored paper is okay.

Waste - anything that doesn't fit in the other bins goes here. This includes plastic cups from the Bullethole and plastic containers marked #1 and #2 that are not bottles.

Reminder - don't throw used batteries away! Drop them into the bin in the CUB (near the mail window). We will have a battery recycling bin here in the library soon, as well.

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