Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wanted: Library Interns!

The searches for Fortenbaugh Interns are in full swing! If you (or someone you know) are considering a career in libraries, archives, or information science and want to gain some experience, then you should consider applying for one of several Esther Kenyon Fortenbaugh Internships at Musselman Library. Positions are available in Special Collections, Reference, and Music Librarianship for students who are interested in exploring careers in these fields.

The internships are for the Spring Semester 2009 (6-8 hours/week, $8.00/hour). For full job descriptions and application information, please see http://www.gettysburg.edu/library/information/general/internships/students/index.dot.

Application deadlines is Monday, Nov. 10!

For more information, contact Kerri Odess-Harnish at 337-7018 or kodessha@gettysburg.edu (Reference), Karen Drickamer at 337-7015 or kdrickam@gettysburg.edu (Special Collections), or Tim Sestrick at 337-7045 or tsestric@gettysburg.edu (Music).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ask Here PA, 24/7 research help

Did you ever notice that Musselman Library is open all night long, but the reference desk closes at 10 pm? All that is about to change!

No, we didn't hire a 10 pm - 8 am reference librarian... We joined an international network of reference librarians who help people find answers online. The service is called AskHerePA, and Gettysburg College students can use it whenever they like. If our local reference desk is closed, another college or university reference librarian will help you find what you need. You can chat with the librarian in the IM window, and the librarian can "show" you webpages with resources that will help you.

Gettysburg College librarians will help staff the network, too. Maybe we'll help someone you know who attends another college or university!

Please feel free to try AskHerePA anytime you have a research question, and do let us know what you think. Happy researching!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Kayak in the Library?!

If you have spent any time on Musselman Library’s main floor this fall, you may have noticed an interesting sight: a full-sized wooden kayak in the Browsing Room!

The kayak, which was hand-made by Gettysburg College’s own John Regentin, is part of this semester’s Hidden Talents exhibit. Through posters, tools, drawings, and the kayak itself, the exhibit lays out how Regentin completed this exciting woodworking project.

Regentin, assistant dean of college life and director of experiential education, is no stranger to the outdoors. Now, after a year’s worth of hard work, he can paddle around various bodies of water in his very own vessel.

Come check out John Regentin’s kayak exhibit in Musselman Library’s Browsing Room today!