Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Do-it-yourself book check out!

For those of you who dream of working in a library, now you can pretend you do! The library has recently installed a self-checkout machine that will allow you to check out books on your own without having to wait in line. Grab a library book, your ID card, and you’re ready to begin checking out books as fast and furiously as you can. It’s easy and convenient, and if you have problems, you can still get help from the friendly folks over at the Circulation Desk. Note that it can only be used for book check out; DVDs, videos, and CDs still need to be checked to you by a human at the Circ Desk.

The machine is located in the lobby of the library, right near the Circulation and Reference Desks. It looks like something out of Star Trek—very space age. Check it out! (Excuse the pun.)

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