Monday, July 27, 2009

Audiobooks at Musselman Library


Just inside the entrance to Musselman Library, you’ll find a double-sided display of audiobooks – perfect for summertime listening!

Most of our audiobooks are on CD.

However, we have something new to share with you: a growing number of our audiobooks are on a preloaded mp3 device called a Playaway.  Check out the Playaway, plug in your own headphones, and start listening.  The device automatically bookmarks so you can turn it off and resume listening later.  You can also connect the Playaway to speakers or your car speakers (with the appropriate cable). IMG_4014

If you are browsing at the shelf, you’ll know the Playaway titles by their packaging – they are housed in a VHS-sized box.  To find the Playaway titles in MUSCAT, search on keyword “playaway.”  Currently there are 15 Playaway audiobooks in the library and more coming soon. 

Let us know what you think about this new format!  In the future, we would love to offer downloadable audiobooks. has a great platform for audio downloads, but currently they do not offer institutional subscriptions.  We will keep an eye on this company.

Do you have thoughts about audiobooks?  Suggestions?  Please leave us a comment! IMG_4017