Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Musselman Library is buzzing with the noise of drills and saws this week.  What’s going on?

On the main floor, watch for an exciting development related to this new plumbing:IMG_4379 Hmmm, what do you think this could be?  I’m not telling, but you’re going to LOVE it!

And outside the main entrance, you’ve been dealing with hazards like these for years (due to failing mortar):IMG_4383 IMG_4384 Which means that now it’s time for something more extreme, like this:IMG_4381 The mortar and concrete are being repaired and the steps will be rebricked.  Hopefully this project will be done in time for spring sunshine, when everyone wants to hang out on the library patio to study (or not).

We’re sorry about the noise, but both projects will make your time spent at Musselman Library much better.  Please ask if you have further questions!

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