Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling the Love!

Last week, library staff showed their love for students in a heartfelt display for Valentine’s Day. In return, the library received loads of valentines from students looking to spread that warm and fuzzy feeling. Here are some of our favorites:
  • “I love that the library staff are always so helpful and always now the easiest and best way to find all the sources I'm looking for.”
  • “The ghosts, the midnight hot chocolate, the comfy couches, the quiet floors, the delicious smelling plants and pretty much everything else!"
  • "Text the call number -so helpful!”
  • “I LOVE the Reference Desk. I have already gone to librarians at the Reference Desk for so many things, and they have all been incredibly helpful in my research, using RefWorks and Write-n-Cite, and helping me with in-text citations. I am SO GLAD that the Reference Desk is here! Each of the people who work at the Desk have a lot to offer, and has been helpful to me! Thank you!”
  • “I love the hours of Musselman library. No matter what time I need to come and have a quiet study space, it's almost always open and quiet.”
Thanks to everyone who took the time to share the love! Happy Valentine's Day!

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