Monday, March 15, 2010

Caffeine Fix in the Library

Exciting news from Musselman Library and Dining Services! You no longer have to walk across campus in the rain to get your cup of joe – there is now coffee in the library 24 hours a day!

To get your local caffeine fix, just visit the new coffee machine on the main floor of Musselman Library (next to the Circulation Desk). Prices range from 50 cents for hot water, to $1.00 for regular coffee, up to $1.50 for specialty drinks (vanilla coffee, café latte, mochaccino, etc.).

Currently, the machine only uses vending dollars off your Gettysburg College ID card (NOT declining dollars). If you would like to add vending dollars to your ID card, visit the ID card machines next to the photocopiers on main and ground floor of Musselman Library (this money also works for making photocopies and laundry).

For anyone visiting campus that may not have a Gettysburg College ID card, there are GETT cards available in the office supply vending machine pre-loaded with $5.


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