Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Unbound in the library stairwell

Check out our latest stairwell exhibit: "Unbound." The exhibit "Unbound" is by John Kovaleski, cartoonist and Instructor of Art and Film at Gettysburg College. Using books and journals withdrawn from Musselman Library's collection, Kovaleski takes individual pages and highlights a word, then uses that word as inspiration for a drawing on that page. The individual pages are then strung together and hung down the center of Musselman Library's five-floor stairwell.

One such banner is already hanging, and Kovaleski expects to hang two others later in the semester. According to Kovaleski, "Unbound began as a simple exercise in using used books as sketchbooks and the words on the pages as the subject of the drawings, thus altering their identity. When I began using discarded bound journals the change in identity became even more important since they'd been rendered useless in this electronic age. The next logical step was to free them from their bindings and install the pages in a familiar setting but in a different context."

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