Monday, December 06, 2010

When Musselman is full…

Lots of students love to study in Musselman Library.  We’ve got quiet spaces (2nd, 3rd, 4th floors), we’ve got loudish places (main and ground).  We’ve got individual tables and carrels, we’ve got big tables.  We’ve got rooms with technology and computer labs.  We have soft lounge-y chairs and couches. 

We have a space to suit almost everybody – but we don’t have enough space for everybody all at the same time.  Especially around the finals crunch.

What’s a studious student to do?  Here are some alternate study spaces around campus:


In breaking news, we have word that Schmucker Hall is also open 24 hours during this busy time of the semester!

If you are “studying abroad” around campus and would like to consult with a reference librarian, remember that you can IM us (screenname: GettLibraryHelp), email us (, or phone us old school (717 337 6600).  We’re happy to help, wherever you are.

Good luck on final exams and projects! 

ALSO: Don’t forget to stop by our Finals Study Break on Monday, 12/13, 8-10 pm, in room 018 (ground floor).  Stop by for fun and games (and goodies).  You KNOW you like cupcakes.


Lime said...

Looks like a fun place to be!

Dear Librarians,

I can't get through the "ask a Librarian" or "contact us" features on your website, but I have a question about the Rev. S.S. Schmucker's personal papers I found on an index there.

My question is two-fold. I am looking for this batch (below) of his papers for genealogical study (and ok, the medical remedies just sounds interesting :) And I wondered if the papers have been digitized yet and are online, or if I have to go there to see them?

Series III – Publications and Papers

2.4 Publications – Schmucker/Sadtler Genealogy
2.5 Publications – Currents in Theology and Mission Vol. 15 No. 6, December 1988
(article about Samuel Simon Schmucker)
2.6 Publications – Miscellaneous folder includes remarks on 100th Anniversary of
Gettysburg College, sketch of S.S. Schmucker seal, sketch of J. G.
Schmucker, clippings, Constitution and By-laws of the Union Sunday
School of Gordon, Pa., and list of furnishings expenditures
2.7 Publications – Medical Remedies Newspaper Clips

Meggan said...

Hi Lime,
Thanks for your question. Although Special Collections continue to digitize its many collections for curricular use, the Schmucker Papers are not, at this time, available on-line.
So, if you would like to access this collection, you will need to come visit the library.
Please check the library homepage for our hours, as we are approaching winter break. Also, when classes are not in session, Special Collections access is by appointment, so you may want to call ahead of time.
I hope this helps!