Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Welcome back! Here's what's new for Fall 2013

New quiet seating on the 2nd floor. (Artwork coming soon!)

Welcome back, everyone! There’s nothing lonelier than an academic library in the summer, so we’re glad to have you back (or even to Gettysburg for the first time). While most people have been away from campus, we’ve made a few changes in Musselman Library.

Here are the essentials:

More Quiet Seating: In response to student feedback in from a campus-wide survey and focus groups last spring, there are more quiet study seats on the second floor.  Also check out the new artwork from our Asian Art collection 

Computers: We have all new public computers in the building, including MUSCAT stations. We also added an extra print station on the ground floor for when you’re rushing to print a paper before class—along with everyone else!

Checkout Mac Chargers: We have 4 Mac chargers at the Circulation Desk. You can borrow them for 3 hours at a time. You can avoid the nasty situation of having to walk all the way back to your dorm to grab your charger, which will be especially nice in the winter. 

Remember there are also “Jacks for Macs” available at checkout for use in connecting Mac computers, iPads and iPhones to the large screens in rooms 15 and 16.

We Moved the Collection: The entire collection got moved (and vacuumed!) over the summer. You’ll see new location signage throughout the building.

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