Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Cupola: Scholarship at Gettysburg College Turns Two!

We’re turning two! The Cupola: Scholarship at Gettysburg College is celebrating two years of featuring scholarly and creative works produced by faculty, students, and other members of the Gettysburg College community.

With 1,280 individual works and 53,000 downloads in just two years, some of our most popular works are:

As an open-access compliant institutional repository, we have become a permanent home to scholarly articles, conference presentations, book chapters, scores, sound recordings, and much more.  We even provide a place for permanent exhibits like Bali Soundscapes, which contains audio essays, written essays, and photographs. If it’s video you want, check out the recorded conference sessions from The Future of Civil War History: Looking Beyond the 150th, which was held on campus in March 2013.

We’re a place where the best Gettysburg College student work is featured, including select capstone projects, papers, and papers honored during Celebration. The Cupola is also the home to three Gettysburg College published undergraduate journals, The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era, The Gettysburg HistoricalJournal, and The Mercury.

David Wemer ’14 even won the Raymond J. Cunningham Prize from the American Historical Association for the best article written by an undergraduate student and published in a history journal for his paper, “Europe’s Little Tiger? Reassessing Economic Transition in Slovakia under the Mečiar Government 1993–1998,” which was published in The Gettysburg Historical Journal. We couldn't be prouder that The Cupola has made David's paper accessible to readers from around the world!

These past two years have flown by, and we've grown a lot in that time. Here’s to a birthday wish of many more years of featuring the best works from Gettysburg College!

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