Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Stacks are closing soon

The good news: we are getting new carpet on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library! Say goodbye to the kelly green stuff that was installed in 1981. (Yes, it’s that old.)


The bad news: we will have to close the book stacks on the upper floors in order to install the carpet. Beginning Saturday, May 17, books with call numbers D-Z will not be available.

The good news: you can check out as many books as you want and keep them all summer long!

The bad news: you need to go get those books no later than Friday, May 16.

The good news: if you need dozens of books, we will store them for you! To explore this option, coordinate with Paulette Blount ASAP (pblount@gettysburg.edu).

More good news: if you forget to retrieve something, we can get it for you via Interlibrary Loan later in the summer.

Really good news: the Browsing Room, DVD collection, books with call numbers A-C, and oversize books will not be affected by this project.

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