Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Open Access Week is almost here!


Open Access Week happens around the world beginning October 20, and our program series is designed to raise awareness of open access. Join us for one or more events. Many will feature cookies baked with the open access cookie cutter, printed on Gettysburg’s own 3D printer.OA cookie cutter

  • Open Access Week Kickoff Event. Want to know what research funders, scholarly societies, and higher education administrators really think about OA? Attend the livestream forum, broadcast from the World Bank in Washington, D.C.. The focus will be on how OA affects early career researchers, and the forum will be facilitated by an early career researcher. Also, don’t miss the debut of open access cookies! Monday, 10/20, 3 pm, LIB 018
  • Open Access Journal Authors at Gettysburg College. If you're more interested in why Gettysburg College faculty choose to publish in OA journals, stick around after the forum (or come at 4:00) to speak with Amy Dailey, Ryan Kerney, Jing Li, and Richard Russell. We’ll still have open access cookies. Monday, 10/20, 4 pm, LIB 018
  • Did I Sign My Rights Away? Copyright for Authors. This session will explain copyright for authors in plain English. Hear successful strategies used by academic authors, review a typical publication contract, and learn about tools that can help you retain the rights you wish to keep while continuing to work with scholarly publishers. Wednesday, 10/22, 12:00, Specialty 19. RSVP required as space is limited.
  • Open Access and the Health Professions. This session is designed for students in the Pre-Health Professions Club, but all are welcome. Decorate and eat open access cookies, learn the real cost of articles and how OA impacts medical education and patient care, and chat with Prof. Amy Dailey about her publications in open journals. Wednesday, 10/22, 7 pm, LIB 018
  • Copy, Paste, Collage, Create: Student Work in an Open World. This special JCCTL “In the Classroom” discussion will focus on students as creators of content. How can we help them understand their rights and responsibilities as authors? Divonna Stebick, Jill Titus, and Jeff Williams will share some of their related teaching experiences and lead a discussion about how OA affects student work. And yes, there will be more open access cookies. Friday, 10/24, 3:30 pm, BREI 112

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